Tom Waits’ first seven albums will be remastered and reissued


Tom Waits‘ first seven albums are set to be remastered and reissued later this year.

The albums – released through Elektra Asylum Records in the 1970’s – include 1973’s Closing Time; 1974’s Heart of Saturday Night; 1975’s Nighthawks at the Diner; 1976’s Small Change; 1977’s Foreign Affairs; 1978’s Blue Valentine; and 1980’s Heartattack & Vine.

The reissues follow Waits’ recently remastered and reissued albums with ANTI- Records, from 1999’s Mule Variations through to 2011’s Bad As Me.

The first reissused album to be released will be Waits’ debut Closing Time. The vinyl comes out on March 9th, with the CD release following on March 23rd. Release dates for the other vinyl and CD reissues are yet to be announced.